Security Review

Managing security is a complex task and is becoming more complex as the security landscape evolves with new threats and increasing activity. Security can be seen to be time consuming and costly, and perceived not to deliver any valuable outcomes. This service provides a means to conduct a quick assessment of an organisation’s security posture and provides a preliminary assessment that can be presented to management and the stakeholders.

These security reviews can be scoped to assess the security posture of the entire organisation or be focussed on specific implementations and configuration of individual services or applications. These reviews are carried out to provide a quick assessment of the typical high-risk components of the environment.

A report summarising the current state and risks is provided along with recommendations to further enhance security and remediate the issues found.

  • Internal, External and Cloud Security
  • Firewalls and Security Gateways
  • Compute and storage systems, networking, and infrastructure
Services OfferedSummary
Security Maturity AssessmentReview policies and current practices to the Essential 8 Maturity model, ISO 27001 Standard and NIST Guidelines. Report on current state, provide feedback and recommendations.
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