Security Maturity Assessment

There are primarily 2 sets of security standards, guidelines and frameworks that are internationally recognised, ISO 27001 and the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. Neither of these standards or frameworks may be compulsory for your organisation but they should be used to provide a best practice approach to protecting you ICT systems.

The ASD Essential 8 maturity model provides a focus on the key areas that the Australian Signals Directorate has identified that will have a major impact on protecting organisations from cyber threats. The NSW Government has also released the NSW Cyber Security Policy to provide guidance to the agencies.

This service provides a means to review current security posture up against the applicable standards and provides feedback and recommendations for improvement. Shortfalls and gaps in the organisations current practices are also highlighted a drafted report. We then work on drafting a plan on the organisation can work towards improving the security as part of its Strategic Planning.

Services OfferedSummary
Maturity AssessmentReview current security practices, carry out workshop to identify current security posture and challenges. Review key areas of interest. Report on findings and provide recommendations for risk reduction and meeting compliance requirements.
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