Patch Management

Patch management, monitoring and maintenance of the environment is a key requirement in meeting ASD Essential 8, ISO 27001 and NIST Cybersecurity requirements.

Organisations are typically good at patching Microsoft software, but this task can be very time consuming and sometimes ignored or postponed. Organisations tend to be less efficient with patching applications, non-Windows software, devices, and infrastructure. This is a critical requirement to minimise the chances of a cyber incident and should work hand in hand with your vulnerability register.

We work with a wide variety of organisations and can draft a patch management plan to suit the specific requirements of your organisation. In some cases, we carry out the patch updates for the smaller clients as part of a monthly maintenance service which can include helping them with no only their servers but also their end point PCs/devices.

Services OfferedSummary
Review of current Patch Management processes and proceduresReview of current documentation & high-level discussion with the client. Provide report with feedback and recommendations.
Patch Management ServiceBased on the review of current processes and procedures we design and workshop some viable solutions prior to deployment. Setting up monitoring and reporting is an essential requirement.
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