Incident Response

In the response to a security breach, a fast and effective strategy needs to be adopted to assess the situation, identify the risks, and then take the appropriate action to address the issue. Having a pre-defined process as to how to handle these issues should be defined and tested on a regular basis.

This service provides a formal and structured means to address a security incident where there is the possibility of any of the following:

  • Cyber Security Incident
  • Data Leakage or loss such as ransomware
  • Integrity Compromise
  • Confidentiality issue
  • DoS – External threat that is restricting access to services
Services OfferedSummary
Review of current Incident Response ProcessesReview current processes and report on findings. Provide feedback and recommendations for improvement.
Incident Response Planning & AssistanceProvide a clear process to manage security incidents. Document policy and procedures to provide clear guidance in the event of an incident. Includes clearly defining responsibilities and roles.
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