Secure Remote Access

The recent requirements for staff to work from home office environment has emphasised the need to implement a secure and reliable remote access facility. As a result, businesses are now facing an increased risk of cyber incidents. Some businesses have had to rush to provision such services and might not have addressed the associated risks.

Deploying a secure remote access solution is more than just simply deploying a remote access platform or a technology. Understanding what applications and systems need to be accessed remotely along with identifying and mitigating the risks is crucial.

Some of the additional considerations are; deployment of multifactor authentication, management/reporting of the user sessions, patch management, end point AV and firewall protection.

We can carry out an assessment to address the risks as well as provide recommendations for improved performance.

Services OfferedSummary
Review of Remote Access ServiceReview of configuration, security and key features and functionality. Report on current state and provide feedback and recommendations.
Remote Access ManagementManagement of remote access facilities client firewall make all changes, update firmware, monitoring, Internet services monitoring and reporting. Monthly meeting/discussion.
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