Network and Communications

Ensuring that the networking and communications infrastructure are operating reliably and efficiently provides the core backbone to the delivery of applications and services. Often these infrastructure components are taken for granted and it is assumed that they are operating effectively but, in some cases, they may be the root cause of problems or poor performance.

Deploying a reliable means to monitor network and communications infrastructure is crucial. WAN services and Internet based (SD-WAN and VPN) services need to be reviewed and monitored to ensure that they are operating within the contracted specifications.

Providing resiliency and security through segmentation and redundancy is the key to improvement. SCADA, CCTV and Access Control systems can co-exist on the same network if a segmentation strategy is implemented to protect these systems.

We offer this service to review and provide design assistance for the LAN, WAN, WLAN, SD-WAN and VPN infrastructure. We design these services to meet the capacity, coverage, cost, quality of service and security requirements.

Services OfferedSummary
Network and Communications ReviewReview of configuration, security and key features and functionality of LAN/WAN/WLAN and Internet services. Report on current state and provide feedback and recommendations.
Network and Communications Design and InstallationProvision of design, project management, deployment, and installation services. Determine monitoring, ongoing support and maintenance requirements.
Network ManagementManagement of network infrastructure make all changes, update firmware, monitoring, Internet services monitoring and reporting. Monthly meeting/discussion.
Network MonitoringNetwork monitoring, Internet services monitoring and reporting. Monthly meeting/discussion.
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