AD and Azure Support

Active Directory (AD) and Azure AD management is critical to managing and securing environments. Deployments can be many years old and start to become a source of risks as best practices change and the security landscape evolves. As complexity of environments increase, management becomes more difficult, and auditing and documentation often become lower priorities.

The migration to the Microsoft cloud platform synchronisation to Azure AD. It is best practice to review the active directory implementation in preparation for the integration into Azure AD and ensure risks are not being replicated into the cloud.

Setting up an appropriate means to log and report on AD and Azure AD activity, including details on user access and related security is an essential compliance requirement.

Services OfferedSummary
AD ReviewReview AD to Microsoft Best Practice guidelines. Report on findings and product feedback and recommendations.
Upgrade ADRunning the latest version of AD is a best practice consideration which can improve security and provide additional integration and features.
Azure AD Tenant DeploymentReview best practice considerations and understand the organisations requirements as part of deployment.
O365/Teams/Azure AD Security AssessmentCarry out a review following our internally developed procedure to document the key settings and identify any security risks. Report and provide recommendations.
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