Infrastructure Health Assessment

Reviewing and assessing the state of critical infrastructure and services on a regular basis Is critical in identifying any issues and risks that exist. Having this carried out by a third party and obtaining a different point of view can also reinforce an organisation’s understanding on the state or in some cases can also identify different root causes or potential security risks.

The key benefit is to assist the organisation with improving the quality of services and reduce risks. These assessments can also identify resourcing limitations and help with future planning.

Services OfferedSummary
Quick AssessmentReview of current documentation & high-level discussion with the client. During this exercise we run through our 18-point checklist and gain an understanding of the current state and any issues with the environment.
Comprehensive AssessmentThis follows the quick assessment, where we decide on which infrastructure components need to be reviewed in detail and a scope of works is drafted to address a specific requirement.


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