Firewall Management

Today’s “Unified Threat Management” UTM capable firewalls provide multiple advanced security features a single device. In many cases we find that most UTM devices are not configured properly to use some of the advanced features and are sometimes not locked down to maximise protection.

UTM appliances have traditionally been installed at the edge to provide Internet protection only. The deployment of UTM appliances should also provide layer 7 segmentation between internal networks. Segmenting WAN, WLAN, public access, and other zones. Enabling security features such as DPI-SSL inspection, using external threat management capabilities and other advanced features should be considered as part of the initial deployment.

Services OfferedSummary
Firewall ReviewReview of configuration, ruleset, NAT policies, routing and other key features and functionality. Report on current state and provide feedback and recommendations.
Firewall ManagementManagement of client firewall make all changes, update firmware, monitoring, Internet services monitoring and reporting. Monthly meeting/discussion.
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