Compute and Storage

The performance of applications is directly dependent on the performance and efficiency of the servers and storage systems as well as the supporting infrastructure. To optimise application performance, we need to ensure that all such systems are configured optimally, and that resources are allocated according to business functions.

This is critical regardless of if there is an on-premises, hybrid, or cloud environment. Often in Cloud or Hybrid environments access to the underlying infrastructure is not available but benchmarking and testing still can lead to isolation and identification of any performance bottlenecks or issues. Capacity or workload assessment is carried out as part of these reviews.

Prior to commencement, a review of the business applications and requirements is workshopped with key team members and feedback is obtained as to the current performance and reliability. During this exercise we discuss and document their importance along with the current state of applications and obtain feedback from the users.

Services OfferedSummary
Quick AssessmentReview of current as-built documentation & high-level discussion with the client. Provide report with feedback and recommendations.
Comprehensive AssessmentBased on the quick assessment, we decide whether more specific reviews are required to address the current requirements or address any issues.
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