BCP and ICT DR Review

All organisations should have a documented Business Continuity Plan to provide guidance and assistance during a disaster. From an ICT perspective it needs to allow for a complete or partial site disaster, outlining the proposed actions to start up critical ICT services and relocate staff to a secondary DR site. Partial site disaster should allow for failure or damage to critical infrastructure including Internet, server and storage, power, air-conditioning and other services. The BCP needs should outline the key requirements (targets) for ICT Recovery.

At the very least a simple and high-level plan should be available to provide key details and instruction for staff to act upon.

This service reviews the organisations current BCP and ICT Recovery processes and then provides recommendations and practical means for improvement in both recovery efficiency and capability. We also look to provide recommendations for building resilience in key systems to provide some level of redundancy.

Services OfferedSummary
BCP and DR ReviewReview current BCP and DR processes and procedures. Provide report with feedback and recommendations for improvement.


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