ICT Risk Management

The increasing complexities and challenges in managing ICT environments adds pressure to delivering new projects as well as maintaining current systems. In some cases, the associated risks are not identified and are not being addressed or considered due to:

  • Resource Limitations (time, budget and staff)
  • Lack of Security Awareness (mostly due to complexity)
  • Shrinking timelines


The adoption an ISO27001 risk-based methodology to identify, classify and manage information asset and critical infrastructure security is becoming more and more important with the increase of cyber threat activity.

Defining an ICT Risk Management framework and engaging all key stakeholders including; management, staff and suppliers, is essential to minimising the associated security risks. The primary focus of IT Risk Management is to protect the confidentiality and availability of an organisation’s data and minimize risks associated with a security breach.

Services OfferedSummary
ICT Risk Management ReviewReview ICT Risk Management framework and policies to help identify additional risks associated with cyber threats or other attack vectors. Workshop with key stakeholders.
ICT Risk Management Draft Framework & PolicyCarry out a review of the current ICT environment, document and classify risks. Workshop the framework and policy requirements. Draft/Update Framework and Policies.


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