Consulting Services

Our company has been delivering ICT Services and solutions for about 30 years and during this time we have seen the digital evolution of computing from the mainframe/punch card systems through to today’s rapidly changing, complex and integrated services. Our philosophy remains unchanged… we help customers maintain focus on the important aspects of their ICT systems to deliver real outcomes in a secure and timely way.

Our staff have a wide range of ICT experience and understand today’s business challenges, pressures, risks and the various strategies currently being adopted. Our consulting services provide a refined and practical approach as to how to address business requirements in a timely and cost-effective way. This is achieved via the use of industry best practices guidelines and use of internally developed frameworks.

The key to delivering exceptional consulting services is to ensure that all parties understand the requirements and the proposed options before any decisions are made. We do this by simplifying the details and technical descriptions and use simplified diagrams and schematics that are easier to follow and hence keep everyone informed.

Our consulting services deliver the following:

  • Alignment of prospective IT Investments with Strategic Business Requirements
  • Information Technology Strategic Consulting and Planning
  • Business Continuity Consulting, Assessment and Planning
  • Technology Asset and Business Architecture Mapping
  • Security Assurance and Advisory
  • Assistance with Compliance

Services offered:

Case Studies