Government Contracts

We design, deploy, and provide ongoing support for a wide range of technologies and vendor products for Government environments. We also provide an ICT advisory service and have assisted in drafting Tenders and RFQs.

We take a vendor agnostic approach to addressing your organisations requirements with a focus on delivering efficient, sustainable, and economical outcomes.

Check out our customer testimonials and success stories for how we have delivered outcomes for metropolitan and regional councils and our NSW Premiers award.

Government Contracts

Hitech Support can offer our services under the following contracts. Please contact us for more details information and list of categories or either contract.

NSW State Government ICT Services Scheme

Scheme ID: SCM0020
Scheme Title: Prequalification Scheme: ICT Services
New End Date: 28-Feb-2024

  1. Advanced Registered Supplier List for high risk contracts or contracts valued over $150,000 exclusive of GST

  2. Registered Supplier List for low risk contracts valued up to $150,000 exclusive of GST
Local Government Procurement

LGP115 IT&C Products, Services & Consulting
Expiry Date: 31st March 2022
Local Buy ICT Solutions & ServicesQLD, TAS, NT

Local Buy ICT Solutions & Services BUS274
Expiry Date: 31st October 2022
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