Case Study

Wi-Fi Hotspot Deployment throughout Multiple sites

Client Details
  • Council Chambers, Community Centres, Entertainment Centre, Visitor Information Centre, Airport, Sports facilities, Depot
The Challenge(s)
  • Review WLAN services across existing LAN/WAN environment
  • Implement a Wi-Fi hotspot service to branch offices connected across the existing council WAN infrastructure. (Mixture of Microwave and Dark Fibre links)
  • Council was most concerned about security and segmentation of traffic between the LAN and the Public Wi-Fi.
  • Utilise existing investment in current WLAN/access points
  • Offer two levels of Wi-Fi service: Premium (paid service) and Free WiFi services
The Solution
  • LAN (trusted users) traffic to traverse over same access points across the WAN.
  • Setup individual SSIDs to host the 4 different profiles; setup VLANs across WAN and route all wireless traffic for Hotspots via the council and Wi-Fi service firewall. This provides segmentation and security of the LAN and Public WiFi services.
  • Utilise pre-existing WLAN access points (HP) and controller to provide Wi-Fi service to nominated sites. Deploy Ruckus access points and controller for high density hotspots
  • Deployment of multiple Internet services to provide Internet access for the free public WiFi hotspots. Centralised in the council’s primary Data Centre. Use of symmetrical service (located at DR site) to provide premium paid service for entertainment centre and other high priority sites
What did we learn?
  • The key to deploying a secure solution is to make sure that the current LAN/WAN environment is properly documented and any issues and vulnerabilities need to be addressed prior to passing any public traffic over the network.
  • Reviewing the security and segmentation of the existing environment was the key prerequisite prior to implementing the Wi-Fi services.