Case Study

Infrastructure Design, Deployment as part of office relocation

Client Details
  • Metropolitan Council
The Challenge(s)
  • Production server compute and storage relocation; refresh all core and access switching
  • LAN and WAN changes resulting from datacentre relocation are high risk
  • Network redesign to include segmentation and meet security requirements
  • Council relocating administration office as part of this project
  • Two-day window to migrate datacentre and critical services
The Solution
  • Carry out a baseline health check on the critical systems, infrastructure, and baseline core business applications.
  • Review BCP requirements, backup and DR processes and associated risks
  • Carry out workshop to review design considerations and provide specifications for required equipment (switching, WLAN and firewall); ensure that business continuity requirements are addressed to minimise any disruption to operations.
  • Discuss requirements with service providers and more importantly ensure that the required communication services (WAN links and Internet) are commissioned and tested prior to relocation.
  • Draft new Infrastructure LAN/WAN design and present to stakeholders along with the associated risks.
  • Obtain some budgetary pricing to implement the proposed strategy.
  • Draft tender requirements include key specifications, desired outcomes and technical specifications of all components to provide a low-risk migration.
  • Draft project plan and carry out deployment new infrastructure components at new site. Assist with relocation and testing.
What did we learn?
  • Take the time to go over the requirements multiple times and drafting detailed design documentation prior to deployment will ensure a smooth transition and minimise the time to troubleshoot any post installation issues.
  • Providing a clear set of as-built documentation during the training and hand-over phase helps get the clients IT Team up to speed quickly.