Case Study

Assistance with Strategic Planning

Client Details
  • Metropolitan Council
The Challenge(s)
  • Cloud migration pressure from management; move to a SaaS or IaaS platform
  • Outdated datacentre servers and storage platform which are starting to fail and cause performance issues
  • Lack of critical infrastructure monitoring
  • Struggle to maintain local services, patching, security issues, growing number of staff are compounding to the ongoing problems
  • Switching, Communications and security needing refresh over the following 12 months
The Solution
  • Carry out a baseline health check on the critical systems, infrastructure, and baseline core business applications.
  • Review current Backup and Recovery processes.
  • Review council business plan and strategy for the future – Digital Transformation
  • Workshop details collated and proposed XaaS service options; set key high-level milestones
  • Draft Strategic Plan and review with key stakeholders to ensure that everyone agrees with the proposed direction
  • Obtain some budgetary pricing to implement the proposed Strategy
  • Present ICT Strategic Plan.
What did we learn?
  • The inclusion of a variety of staff from different departments in the early discussions will provide a practical and more realistic account of the current challenges that are being faced
  • The more people involved in baselining and agreeing to the UAT testing methodology and acceptable performance criteria will lead to a lower resistance to changes.
  • Revising the plan on a regular basis is critical to ensure that the strategy can move with any business changes or external influences/situations.