One of the best compliments we have ever received was from a government client when I asked about why he likes to deal with our company… he said it was simple he likes dealing with Hitech because “You are a no bull**** IT company”
Technical Services Director – Hitech Support
John Papoutsis
“I was just able to restore the database server (literally just finished) and I am having users test it now. Thank you HEAPS for your input, would never have thought of the option you suggested 😊. Honestly always a fantastic outcome from anyone at Hitech, I cannot say that enough!”
Corporate Client
“Hitech Support recommend products and services which are tried and tested… in fact they often implement the same products internally and have strong relationships with the vendors. This has proven to be most valuable in addressing issues”
Long term corporate client (20+ years)
“What I like is the fact that Hitech doesn’t chase every technology fad. Rather, the staff select technologies and products that will make a difference to how our business runs. It’s all about what’s best for us, not what’s the latest fad.”
IT Manager
NSW Council
“We’ve been a Hitech customer for 7 years now and they look after all of our network planning, implementation and systems support. We are very happy with the support and servicing we receive.”
IT Administrator
Mining Sector Company
“Thanks for getting someone here quickly yesterday. Within 20 Minutes of arriving you had a solution. Some may say it was a bit of a fluke but I say “Thanks Hitech for thinking outside the box”
IT Manager
Manufacturing Sector
“Your team has been very helpful and patient with me the past couple of days. Hitech’s phone support is my life support on my trips away!”
Office Manager
Mining Company
“Hitech have always been there when we’ve needed them, even taking responsibility for services that they didn’t originally provide – no questions asked.”
IT Manager
International Security Company
“Your team set up our firewall and configured our systems and impressed me with their competence and professionalism. Given the cooperative manner with which you work, I look forward to working with you in the future.”
IT Manager
NSW Council
“Since 2003, Hitech Support has provided effective and innovative IT solutions for NSW.net councils and libraries. These have included systems integration, the implementation of leading edge technologies, infrastructure design and support services. The success of our relationship has resulted in the expansion of my network. Hitech Support continues to be a terrific help to me and my customers. Their staff are quick to respond to requests and know what they’re doing which makes my job a whole lot easier!”
Projects Coordinator
State Government