Service Level Agreement

We are an ISO 27001:2015 & 9000:2015 Certified company and we follow pre-defined and certified processes and procedures, maintaining the level of quality services delivered throughout the organisation.

The business has evolved from day one with the main goal to provide the most efficient and reliable services to our clients. At the same time, we have adopted industry standards approach to our engineering services provisioning which is aligned with ISO 27001 :2015 guidelines.

Our definition of SLA is to have an engineer contact the client and commence with addressing the issue within the following timeframes.

Here is a summary of our service level approach to providing services during standard business hours. A full breakdown of SLA targets and definitions can be provided upon request.

PriorityDescriptionTarget Response Time
1 – UrgentServer or other major infrastructure is down or not performing to standard and is affecting the majority of users15 minutes
2 – ModerateServer or infrastructure not performing to standard but the majority or users can still carry out their work reasonably well1 hour
3 – LowServer or infrastructure showing signs of potential failure or an upcoming problem but everything is working as normal.4 hour