How to engage our services?

There are three ways to obtain our services …

  1. On an Ad-Hoc Basis – Acceptance of Rates Agreement
  2. Purchase a block of pre-paid hours – Priority Support Contract Agreement
  3. Obtain a customised support agreement – Adaptive Services Agreement


Acceptance of Rates Agreement

The Acceptance of Rates agreement provides access to our services on an ad-hoc basis. There are no committed costs, our services can be used as needed without any commitment.


Priority Support Contract Agreement

The Priority Support Contract provides discounted pricing for our services based on purchasing a block of hours in advance. This simplifies the engagement process for ongoing ad-doc support services or is also offered for projects to allow flexibility in cases where the tasks are carried out under the estimated hours. In which case the remaining credit can be used for other projects or ad-hoc support.

Credit on support contracts does not expire.


Adaptive Services Agreement

The Adaptive Service Agreement provides flexibility to access a range of managed services. With a range of IT operations, proactive management, and support capabilities on offer.

Hitech recognises that delivering real value to an organisation means IT operations must adapt to the shifting operating and strategic requirements to enable your users and service your customers. The Adaptive Services Agreement provides flexibility and choice to utilise our managed services, consulting, and engineering services to help deliver your IT operations or supplement your internal IT team’s capacity and skills within a set monthly cost.

The Adaptive Service offering allows you to customise monthly how you utilise our support on your technology operations, projects or supplement your internal IT skills resourcing. It provides increased value to your business by:

  • Providing flexibility to optimise your IT capabilities and service requirement monthly.
  • Providing priority access (scheduled) to our services support desk to assist remotely or onsite with ad-hoc and critical technology issues.
  • Allows you to rollover unused services credit to the following month that can be utilised for ad-hoc professional services, consulting, projects or general out of scope support.


Provides a resource to assist during times when staff are on leave or when short of internal resources.